Everything You Should Know About An Expanded Prostate

According to research studies, 4 of every 10 men who are over 50 years old and 3 out of 4 men who are over 70 are suffering from urinary problems caused by an expanded prostate. Prostate glands are about the dimensions of the walnut and are found only in males. 

There are a variety of treatment options for those suffering from an increased prostate. Most commonly, these include modifications to your lifestyle, surgery, and prescription medications. You can also navigate to https://toowoombaspecialists.com.au/enlarged-prostate-treatment-toowoomba for enlarged prostate surgery.

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Factors that predispose to the disease

Experts aren’t sure of the reasons behind an increased prostate, but several reasons make you more susceptible to the condition. The most common causes are the aging process, hormonal changes as well as weight gain, and diabetes.

Signs and symptoms of the disease

If you suffer from the condition, the urethra shrinks. This can cause a variety of ailments, including:

  • Weak urine flow
  • You may need to urinate more often, particularly during the night
  • It’s as if your bladder isn’t empty even after you’ve urinated
  • Urinary problems that start to cause discomfort
  • It is imperative to hurry to the bathroom. In certain situations, there is urine leakage even before you get to the toilet.
  • Urine dribbling
  • Urine blood is stained with blood

According to the experts, there is a chance that you will show several that, a chart that symptoms or not show any symptoms at any time. If you’re showing symptoms, it is recommended to get your medication promptly to prevent complications.