Helpful Tips for Those Interested in Buying Gold Coins

Gold coins signify luxury, and for good reasons. Gold is probably one of the easiest precious metals to be recognized. Long before the age of the credit card or even paper money, it is gold that symbolizes wealth and, indeed, power. In fact, this metal is very valuable so that most experts agree that the most expensive gold coins have been purchased worth around eight million dollars.

And even though their monetary value is amazing, there is something interesting collector around the world for gold coins. This undoubted pieces commemorate significant moments and numbers throughout history. You can also buy gold coins from

World gold coins

Almost all collectors are proud of having the first of its kind. That is why the Israeli Tower David 1oz. Bullion gold coins are very special. With mintage limited to only 3600 coins worldwide, this amazing coin is quite rare and valuable for serious coin lovers. The face shows the beautiful lion Megiddo, an image that comes from authentic seals from the 8th century BC. C. In the old Jordan valley.

World coin lovers will also be negligent in facing Krugerrand 2010 in South Africa, a piece with a rather controversial history. This rare 1 OZ coin made its debut in 1967 when it symbolized a large number of gold mined from the Johannesburg mine. Personal ownership of Krugerrand was prohibited until the end of the apartheid in 1994. This coin was associated with an important period in history, and it was also the first in the world who was beaten from 91.7 percent of pure gold.

Liberty Head Gold.

The Liberty Head gold coin is a symbol that is not mistaken than American unique history. The beautiful Liberty series was first thrown into fine gold almost a century ago and included $ 1 coins and the first $ 20 have ever been made. The American Eagle who dares to be displayed on each of these impressive coins, functions as a reminder of the strengths and pride of our nation.