How To Make A Qi Wireless Charging Bedside Table

It’s great to charge your phone with wireless chargers and keep it charged up without cable But what if you were able to place your phone at your bedside table, and let it charge?

If you’re a producer you can improve your furniture to new levels of performance and utility by incorporating with the Qi wireless charging pad. You can navigate to for buying a wireless charging bedside table.

Invisible is easily integrated into furniture by making a hole that is 80 millimeters in diameter through the table and then installing your wireless charge. The furniture will be fully set and ready to meet every one of your customers’ requirements for charging.

When you’re done, you’ll get the perfect space on the table by your bedside that can be used to place the Qi-equipped phone on to charge. It will work on devices like Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, 820, and 720 (as also Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3, and Galaxy S4 using the correct cover for wireless charging).

It’s an impressive undertaking that’s not difficult to build also. If you’d rather not go making it yourself it’s possible to purchase a lamp and an IKEA nightstand with wireless charging integrated (or an entire range of Qi wireless chargers that come in a variety of sizes and shapes).

Invisible is a great option to integrate not just into furniture, but also easily integrated into existing furniture.

If you are in the industry of hospitality and would like to incorporate this technology into your tables at your bar, or on the nightstands in the rooms in your hotel, then you are able to achieve it with ease. You can either hire a professional or do it yourself.

You can cover it by using our fashionable Invisible PAD. Your guests will be able to recharge by simply placing their mobiles on the table.