Keeping Your Phone Number When You Change Location

If you replace the service provider and remain in the same geographical area, you can save the existing telephone number. This process – often referred to as porting telephone numbers – can be done between cables, IP and wireless providers. You can transfer home phone to cell phone online.

Start the porting process

You can request services from various companies at any time. When changing the company: Review your current contract. Your contract can contain the cost of the early termination and / or extraordinary balance that you must pay.

Don't stop your service with your existing company before starting new services with other companies.

Contact a new company to start the porting process of your number.

Give new companies with 10 digits of your telephone number and any additional information needed.

Is there a cost for porting?

The company can charge you for your number port, but you can ask if there are fees that can be removed or negotiated.

After you request a service from a new company, your old company cannot refuse to port your number, even if you owe money for balances or termination costs.

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