Multiplex Cytokine Assay Kits: Products

Using multiplex cytokine analysis kits, researchers can detect multiple levels of cytokines simultaneously in a single sample. It is very useful in identifying a wide variety of changes that may be associated with various pathological conditions. For multi-analytic detection of cytokines, there are companies like Bosterbio offers membrane-based cytokine antibodies and pearl-based assays. To know about their multiplex cytokine assay visit

For their antibodies, they offer human, mouse XL cytokine antibodies that detect 105, 111, or 79 analytes, including interleukins, chemokines, interferons, and members of the tumour necrosis factor superfamily. 

With a menu of more than 450 analytes, multiplexing with their Luminex analysis offers the possibility to evaluate 50 or 100 analytes simultaneously with magnetic or polystyrene microparticles. For a multiplex option with performance comparable to their individual ELISA tests, consider their high-performance Luminex test. 

This analysis provides a pre-configured analysis panel that is optimized and tested together to achieve maximum performance and accuracy for the entire panel. This includes a validation test similar to the test carried out with our individual ELISA kit. They offer a highly effective Luminex test for angiogenesis, cytokines, cardiac biomarkers, obesity testing. 

They also offer a high-performance Luminex high sensitivity test for low volume analytes and a high-performance detection panel offering 45 human analytes which can be customized in pre-mixed or user mix analysis or ordered from a selection of 7 fixed panels for evening delivery.