Protective Measures You Should Take Before You File for Divorce

If you face the prospect of divorce, it is important for you to take certain main steps to protect your legal and financial interests before you submit your divorce letter to the court. Divorce involves legal and essential financial rights that will affect you for the rest of your life. You cannot afford to wallow in anger, shame, revenge, or despair. 

You must act proactively and strategically. The protection steps set out in this article must be made as soon as possible, even before you maintain divorce lawyers. You can get an affordable simple divorce in Ontario online at

Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

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The first important step for anyone considering divorce is to start collecting and reviewing financial records, from the beginning of your current marriage relationship. Preserving financial records is the most important problem. Unfortunately, after the divorce case began, it might be too late. 

At that point, your partner can selectively hold certain items (such as information about the benefits of retirement). Although almost all jurisdictions require full disclosure and exchange by both parties from each of their financial records and information, many partners try to avoid their disclosure obligations, or just selectively disclose partial information to distort the actual value of their assets. 

Comparable forms are needed in other jurisdictions. In New Jersey, the form of financial disclosure needed in a contested divorce action is called a "case information statement." Although the terminology used in each country is different, the concept is similar. Each side in divorce should provide full financial disclosure to the court and his partner.