Trade Certification Is Good For Business

The term “Trade” refers to movements that promote fair prices for farmers in developing countries, such as bananas, coffee, cocoa, cotton, fresh fruit, flowers, rice, spices, sugar, tea, and wine. There are some companies that provide the best international trade certificate online in Canada visit

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Since its founding in the 1980s, International trade has developed into an organized and reliable labeling system that is recognized by ethical consumers and continues to grow. In addition to the global recession, the FLO saw worldwide sales growth of 23% in trade labeled products and 2008 annual sales of over $ 4 billion.

Prior to the early 2000s, trade products were a small function in the market, often sold by retailers, ethical shops, and trendy shops. Now that has changed dramatically and the trade brand has become very important for sale in many banana and coffee retailers, especially in Canada.

All observers agree that Fair Trade produce will continue to grow at substantial rates compared to the market overall and that the price differential between trade and non trade produce will continue to narrow. This will further enhance the market potential of the brand in both developing and developed world markets.