Useful Information About Botox Treatment in Windsor

Botox treatment is very popular throughout the world as a solution for wrinkles and stretch line. Most men and women, who have developed wrinkles, can choose this treatment. Botox is very effective in vertical wrinkles between eyebrows developed due to Stress or aging. 

Botox (Vistabex / Dysport) does not work for wrinkles or lines on the skin caused by loss of volume or elasticity or where the skin has become loose due to exposure to the sun. These conditions are treated with other methods. You can check out the more about Botox treatment at

You may not use Botox if hypersensitivity to botulinum toxins, or if you suffer from muscle disease. Also, Botox injection should not be taken with aminoglycoside antibiotics, or other drugs that affect nerve impulses to the muscles. Botox may not be used in pregnancy and must be avoided during breastfeeding.

Botox treatment is a safe, fast, simple and painful process that requires around 10 to 20 minutes. With the help of a micro needle, the doctor injects a small dose of Botox in the area to be treated. Because the needle is thin and only a small amount of fluid is injected, the patient feels very little or there is no discomfort during the procedure.