Using Professional Lead Generation Telemarketing Services To Improve B2B Lead Generation

Many businesses invest time and money into purchasing data and maintaining a CRM system by sending out mailshots every few weeks, but how effective is this in the long run if nothing else is done with it? Sending out a few emails every now and again is not conducive to generating new business.

So how can a business improve B2B lead generation?

Telemarketing is the key. An experienced telemarketer can call every prospect in a database and find out anything a business needs to know. You can get the services of b2b lead generation via (it is also called “b2b leadgenerierung via the German language).

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Does the target company still have a need for a particular product or service? Are they thinking about changing provider? Are they tied into a contract? If so, how long for? Are they happy with their existing provider?

Who is the most appropriate person within the company to speak to about changing supplier because, chances are, if the data has been purchased form a broker it is probably either out of date or contains the wrong contact for the wrong department.

Data decays at an alarming rate for numerous reasons including employees retiring, changing roles within a business, or moving companies, therefore up to 30% of data can become redundant within the space of a year.

Considering that the majority of businesses register their generic email address as the main point of contact, what are the chances of a decision-maker actually reading the email and following the call to action? Low, very low.

With a little help from telemarketing, however, the decision-maker hit rate can improve tenfold and will open up many more business opportunities. Telemarketing allows a business the chance to enter into a dialogue with another business and establish if there is a genuine opportunity to do business together.