Waterproofing Basements on a Budget

Since basement waterproofing can be an expensive job for homeowners, many people try to ignore foundation issues such as leaks, moisture, and mold. This makes the problem worse and more expensive over time. 

First, remember that you should not try to dig the foundation or replace foot drain tiles unless you are an experienced professional with the right tools and equipment. But you can make a basement waterproofing yourself quickly, easily, or on a small budget to work with cracked or leaky basement wall repairs at https://americanwi.com/settling-basements-foundations/.

Your first step should be to assess the amount of damage to your basement walls. It is best to seek professional help as that means you have external problems with the foundation. However, if the damage is limited to some leaks, moisture, and mildew, then applying your waterproofing for the basement is not out of the box.

Take some photos of the damage and take them to your favorite homeware store. Show the photos to an experienced customer service representative and ask them which basement color or waterproofing is best for your particular situation.

After you have purchased the right waterproofing paint, you need to prepare the walls of the basement for application. Make sure you use a sturdy wire brush to remove crumbled paint and mildew before applying the solution, and always wear a mask to protect yourself from particles.