What is Delta 8 THC And How Does It Make You Feel

Most Delta-8 is made from hemp and often sold by CBD companies. If you look at the marketing for these products, it’s not always clear what you are getting into. For legal reasons, most companies won’t openly advertise the fact that Delta 8 gets you stoned. Since it is legal in many states across the United States, it is easier for consumers to shop all delta 8 products online.

Rather than CBD, Delta-8-THC is much more similar to Delta-9-THC. Commonly just called THC, this is the main active ingredient found in psychoactive cannabis (“marijuana”). When consumed, it can cause euphoria, relaxation, pain relief along with giddiness, creative moods, or it even can potentially make you more anxious. In other words, Delta 8 causes most or all of the effects commonly associated with the regular form of THC. 

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Delta 8 is made from hemp but, unlike CBD, it will get you high. It’s probably a nuanced difference from Delta-9-THC,” Molecularly, it’s pretty darn similar but it’s not exactly the same. The chemical differences between the two forms of THC are very small, and they both interact with receptors in our brain and nervous system (the “endocannabinoid system”).

Some people do experience slightly different effects. We asked our readers and looked at some consumer reports on Reddit.  Many people report feeling more of a physical, “body high” from Delta 8, with less of the mental effects of THC/marijuana. My experience with it has been very pleasant, from a consumption standpoint.

Remember though, experiences vary a great deal from person to person.